BSW, the mini-mill of the Badische group, achieved new records for productivity in May 2016.

Productivity Records:

The new daily record was set on 13th of May with an output of 8.352 tons good billets (79 heats) with both production lines at an average tap-to-tap time of 36,5 minutes and power-off time of 8 minutes. Beside this outstanding productivity, BSW attaches great importance to efficiency, having reached a specific electrical energy consumption of 338 kWh/t.

"The record of one given day makes the routine of the day after." / "Real success means highest efficiency over a long period."
As a proof of these principles, in May the average daily production per month reached also a new record level of 7.914 tons good billets (75 heats per day; tap-to-tap time 38,5 min; power-off time 9,4 min; electrical energy consumption 343 kWh/t)

These records are the result of consistent application of the "Badische Philosophy": Educated and well-trained people care for reliable equipment, and high productivity leading to low cost production.

BSE Consulting for Mini-Mill Culture:

Learn more about the "Badische Philosophy" and BSE consulting services for implementation of the "Mini-Mill Culture" in YOUR plant.

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