Spray Cooled Roof

Spray Roof
Spray Cooled Roof

A spray-cooled roof offers a huge improvement in operational reliability.

Based on the spray cooling technology, the cooling will always be pressureless and a steam explosion will be impossible.


  • Cooling is pressureless
  • Direct spray cooling on steel plate
  • Save and reliable cooling
Spray Cooled Roof


  • Extremely low water penetration in case of leakage
  • Risk of explosion eliminated (only spray water at atmospheric pressure)
  • Huge improvement in operational reliability
  • Extremly low delay rates
  • Good access for welding - Fast and easy repair
  • Reduced weight compared to tubular roof, leading to increased gantry bearing life time
  • Reduced cool water requirement compared to tubular roof 


  • First Installation in BSW in 1988 at EAF#1
  • Installations in Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Some of our clients operate the same roof for over 15 years (with yearly low cost repair)
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