Concept Study Green-/Brownfield

Concept Study Green-/Brownfield
Concept Study Green-/Brownfield

A thoroughly detailed plant concept and layout avoids expensive mistakes upfront such as an exceeding initial investment or costly bottlenecks.


BSE experts help you to find an optimum technical concept for your individual plant and market situation:   

  • Elaboration of a plant concept for highly productive and low cost operation
  • Evaluation of most suitable technology / review of investment plan
  • Determination of main equipment, major characteristic process data, consumption figures and costs of new / modified plant
  • Layout development based on material flow simulation
  • Development of a lean organization for new / modified operation
  • Selection of equipment supplier to guarantee effective and efficient execution of specified investment projects
  • Summarizing results



Based on our own know-how we developed more than 100 concepts all over the world.

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