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In continuation of our strategy "The future is manless", the SandMan is another step in this...



"The future is manless". Therefore, the THM addresses two fundamental, regular tasks of every EAF...

Tap Hole Manipulator THM

Consulting & Qualification

Knowledge transfer from one of the most successful steel works in the world

Consulting and Qualification
Badische Group & Philosophy

Badische Group & Philosophy

Since 1983, the Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH (BSE) has been acting as a service provider for increasing the efficiency and productivity in the electric steel industry worldwide.

BSE is a part of the Badische Group, with its steel plant Badische Stahlwerke GmbH (BSW) – one of the world’s most productive Electric Arc Furnace steel plants.

The unique partnership between BSE and BSW results in the fact that all products and services provided by BSE are based not on theory, but on more than 5 decades of own operational experience.

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Hintergrund Badische Group

Products & Engineering

BSE products & engineering services increase efficiency of your plant while improving safety of the staff and reducing the environmental impact.

Our products & engineering services are developed based on own operational experience at BSW and the feedback of customers worldwide, resulting in highest availability, reliability and maintainability.

We provide mechanical and electrical engineering as well as hardware key components / equipment or complete furnaces of many types and operations.

Made in Germany



Products and Engineering
Consulting & Qualification

Consulting & Qualification

We are steelmakers. We consult steelmakers.

BSE consultants represent the operational know-how of the Badische group with BSW as one of the world’s leading mini-mills regarding productivity, efficiency and costs plus the joint experience of more than 500 consulting projects worldwide.

Made in Germany



Consulting and Qualification


Successful Fluid Dynamic Model Test

In order to determine the possible/required changes to their steel plant related to environmental improvement inside and...

FDM Test Ternium


We are celebrating 40 years: On Friday of January 21st in 1983 Willi Korf-BSW Technologie GmbH was officially founded. It was...

40 years BSE

Upcoming events

AISTech 2023

Visit us at the international fair and conference in USA.
Detroid, Mich., USA
8th – 11th May 2023

METEC 2023

Visit us at the international fair and conference in Germany.
Düsseldorf, Germany
12th – 16th June 2023

Looking for a

At Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH, we are looking for pros and those who want to become them. Who burn for their ideas. Who help drive innovation and are team players. Because for us, the team is the star.

Become a part of our company! Together, we provide the whole world with our customized solutions, products and our consulting services to help steel manufacturers produce more effectively and economically. Grow in a work environment that fosters collaboration and team spirit and discover open positions in our team.

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