SandMan® for EBT

SandMan® for EBT
SandMan® for EBT

Building on our core strategy "The future is manless" around the furnace, BSE introduces the next keystone for a safe and efficient steelmaking operation - the SandMan® for EBT.

The ergonomic and safety concerns of a meltshop environment are taken into account in this recently designed safety tool. Additionally, it considers the logistical difficulty of precisely and consistently sand filling after each tapping.

The SandMan® for EBT also gives furnace operators unique process monitoring capabilities, based on its easy-to-maintain and heat-resistant camera system




  • Automated & fully controlled filling
    of the EBT taphole

  • Clearly defined position above
    the EBT taphole

  • Precise dosing of filling sand

  • Camera-based process monitoring

  • Manual emergency operation possible (safe back-up solution)

  • One unit for multiple shells 

SandMan® for EBT @BSW


  • Safe operation from the pulpit

  • Process standardization leads to higher efficiency

  • Full manual emergency operation possible

  • Optimized positioning & filling process

  • Individual adjustment of the moving parts


  • Successful operation at BSW since early 2022
  • On-demand manual operation
  • Uptime of full automation at 99.9%
  • Process optimization > 30 seconds P-off
  • Significant productivity improvement --> 83 h of production per year
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