Lance Manipulator2

Lance Manipulator 2
Lance Manipulator2

The Lance Manipulator LM.2 provides in one single device efficient injection of oxygen / solid material plus safe temperature measuring / sample taking  
Complete Lance Manipulator equipped with a TempSamp unit on one single column 

Ideal on locations with reduced space in front of the EAF


  • Wide range of metallurgical applications such as
    • Decarburisation
    • Deoxidisation
    • Foaming slag
    • Horizontal stirring of steel bath
  • Injection of oxygen and solid materials from the slag door with independently moving consumable lances
  • Temperature and sample taking
  • Remote control from the operator room
  • Independently moving lances on one common or up to three separate heads
  • Optimal height (up and down) adjustment for different process stages


  • Fits with every furnace type and design
  • Increase of oxygen efficiency and productivity
  • Reliable injection as a result of appropriate actuation technology
  • Temperature and Sampling taking during power on time
  • Safe and easy operation from control room
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Heat protection of relevant parts provides safe and reliable operation
  • A compact head design leads to a good view at the furnace door
  • Electrical chain-driven lance feeding for high speed (even in resistant slag) and low maintenance


  • Over 50 installations world-wide
  • Operated at customer site since 2001
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