Tap Hole Manipulator

THM freigestellt
Tap Hole Manipulator

"The future is manless". Therefore, the Tap Hole Manipulator (THM) addresses two fundamental, regular tasks of every EAF plant with an EBT; the clearing of bulky items, and the cleaning from contamination and build up after tapping. 

These steps unfortunately are still done manually in most plants today.
This unique pending tool that combines both of these functions is available only at Badische! The THM pushes safety forward tremendously by removing a dangerous everyday task.


  • Clearing of the EBT tap hole from debris and bulky items after tapping
  • Cleaning of EBT tap hole with an oxygen blowing function
  • Unique tool design and concept (patent pending)
  • Robust design for minimum maintenance and maximum reliability
  • Fully customizable for each EAF layout requirement
  • Smart hydraulics, limiting overstress and potential damages to the tap hole


  • Maximum safety as part of BSE's vision of a "manless" EAF operation
  • Standardization leads to reduction in power-off time and improves process consistency


The THM main body is now in operation at BSW since January 2020 without any problems. This represents more than 30.000 heats.

Improvement of the opening rate from 96,1% up to 97,5%

March 2022

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