Electrode Arms (ALU)

Electrode Arms (ALU)
Electrode Arms (ALU)

The current conducting electrode arm by BSE increases the active power input, furnace availability and overall productivity.

Its monolithic or even flange design stands for highest availability, safety, maintainability and flexible use of electrode holders. 

The aluminium design utilising the whole cross section of the arm; applicable for weight-critical situations.


  • Optimal power input
  • Elaborate calculation of high current flow for exact dimensioning of components and optimum power input of the complete system
  • Entire electrode arm made of aluminium resulting in low weight
  • Direct cooling of the aluminium body
  • Available in monolithic design or in flange design
Electrode Arms (ALU)


  • Highest electrical efficiency due to tailor-made engineering
  • Due to low weight less requirements for the hydraulic system
  • Faster movement due to low weight
  • All proven advantages of the flange system:
    • Higher availability due to faster change of holder
    • Increased safety: standard maintenance of holder can be done at the workshop
    • Reduced investment in spare parts required


  • Operating since 1989 at BSW with flange design
  • More than 85 installations world-wide and over 30 years of experience in electrode arms  
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