Virtual Lance Burner

Virtual Lance Burner
Virtual Lance Burner

The oxygen injection tools, Virtual Lance Burner (VLB), by BSE are designed to reduce your production costs and enhance your productivity.

Sidewall and EBT mounted devices for oxygen injection in melting and refining phase 


  • Pipe-in-pipe concept
  • Multiple point installation of VLB
  • Sidewall and EBT mounted devices for oxygen injection in meltdown and refining phase
  • Highest possible energy transfer into scrap and steel
  • Usable as single tool and in combination with further BSE energy input tools:
    • Lance Manipulator or LM.2
    • Post Combustion
    • CarbJet
  • Control and visualiziation via latest HMI
  • Different adjustable flame types according to process stage
Virtual Lance Burner Flame


  • Low weight for easy handling
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Modular concept of water-cooled copper boxes allowing also for usage of solid material injectors (e.g CarbJet®)
  • Functional for all types of Electric Arc Furnaces
  • VLB runs on all fuels (oil and gas) – also special gases applicable.
  • Compatibility with various input materials, operation types and steel grades.
  • Union nuts for infinitely adjustable positioning of hoses and backfiring devices


  • Over 100 installations worldwide
  • From low carbon to high carbon steel
  • Marked leader at stainless steel furnaces
  • Tested and proven at BSW since 1999, the steel plant of the Badische Group – one of the world’s most productive operations
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